A unique hotel near Ephesus, Turkey

Nisanyan House is considered one of Turkey's finest hotels, yet it is a simple and friendly sort of place. It offers you beauty and peace, even a certain degree of elegance. The grounds are extensive, but they make you feel you own the place by yourself. Set in a remote rural village, it is only ten minutes from Ephesus, one of Turkey's top tourist destinations. It probably serves the best food within 100 miles, though you'd think it is mom and pop cooking. It has the most intricately detailed decor of any hotel in the country, yet it all feels perfectly spontaneous and casual.
It was 35 years ago when I first arrived in Şirince. As a university student back then, I was struck with the beauty of the village and its genial dwellers. I was young and bold, and wanted to live the rest of my life there. Şirince was virtually an undiscovered place at that time, though it featured in Dido Sotiriou’s acclaimed novel “Farewell Anatolia.” It came as a pleasant surprise for me to have discovered such a hidden paradise.
Later on we authored a guidebook of the best small hotels in Turkey with my ex-husband, which introduced us to the most charming and uncommon places of accommodation across the country. With the inspiration and courage we drew from this undertaking, we began contemplating how we would fashion our own small hotel. We aspired to receive and accommodate our guests as though we entertained our own friends in company.
The establishment grew over the years with no discernible plan or logic. There were three historic village houses to start with. To them were added two elegant inns, a half dozen rustic cottages, some simple guestrooms, a vast and complicated garden, a defense tower, an aviary, a library and much else besides. No two units are quite alike. Each reflects the inspiration of the moment and the whimsy of experimentation.


The establishment consists in total of 20 units. They all vary in size, decoration and style.

The Inn is the heart of our establishment. It consists of five rooms, a small library and a well furnished common living room. The restaurant, Cin terrace and the reception are located in and around the Inn.

Ilyastepe, where the cottages are located, is a 20 acres landscape, abounding with orchards, herb gardens and flower beds. Each cottage has a unique character of its own; we have eight of them in total. More recently, we have added a larger house, i.e. Tower House, with five comfortable deluxe rooms, and a spacious common kitchen.

The village houses are nearer to the village centrum. They are two storey buildings that can accommodate up to 5 persons. Ideal for families.

The hotel is open all year round, although some units may be closed in winter. All reasonable comforts (central heating, some air-conditioned rooms, internet, hairdryers, airport pickup, etc.) are of course taken care of.


Swimming Pool




All-Day Breakfast


Turkish Bath


Gin Terrace




Hodri Meydan Tower


Our Team









Hi, I'm Mujde, the co-founder and host of Nisanyan Hotel.

I think that the heart of our hotel is the kitchen and our great herb gardens. I have been in charge of the food business in our hotel for years now. I have raised many cooks in this duration.

I cook according to the delicious traditions of the Aegean gastronomy. Although sometimes I get inspired by my trips around the world.

We create a several tonnes of quality olive oil every year from the crops of our own gardens. Unfortunately, we can't sell them. But it covers for our needs.

My cooking has been broadcasted in many television channels worldwide, including the national channel of Turkey, TRT and BBC.

I would like to invite you to my cooking classes. You will learn a bit about the traditions of the Turkish kitchen in two-three hours' sessions. We will cook, chat and create a beautiful atmosphere.

If you have other plans for the limited time you have here, and if you would like to extend your stay here, please let us know. There are lots of alternative activities to be done in Sirince on a spare day too, such as enjoying our marble Turkish Bath, visiting our historic village coffee house to have your fortune told by our local fortune-tellers, or just swimming in our pool!

Throughout the last few years, I have developed an interest in the way the Ancient Greek and the Romans cooked. Through delicate research and experimentation, I have come to learn a great deal about their cuisine. I can produce my own Garum and prepare a great Roman feast with you.

Course Details:

In the Tower House kitchen, during all seasons, private courses for two to four people. 50 € each, including drinks.


Three kinds of Turkish mezes. Main course with seasonal vegetables, Clay pot Stew, Sirince style Semolina dessert with pine nuts and ice cream And many little surprises!

With Love! Mujde

PS: My cooking blog is yet Turkish, but WILL be translated to English very soon.



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