Nişanyan Hotel

Şirince, Selçuk, İzmir

+90 (232) 898 3208

+90 (533) 304 0933



Why Nişanyan Hotel?

Nisanyan Hotel is one of Turkey's finest hotels, yet it is at heart a simple and friendly sort of place. It offers you beauty and peace, as well as a good dose of elegance.

The grounds are huge, but they make you feel like you own the place by yourself. Set in a rural village, it is only a ten-minute drive from Ephesus, one of Turkey's top travel destinations. It probably serves the best food within 100 miles, though you'd think it is mom and pop cooking.

It has the most intricately detailed interiors of any hotel in the country, yet it manages to feel perfectly spontaneous and casual.

What is it like?

Nişanyan Hotel grew over the years with no discernible plan or logic. There were three historic village houses to start with. To them were added two elegant inns (each with five independent rooms), a half dozen rustic cottages, a vast and complicated garden, a defense tower, a Turkish bath, a swimming pool in white marble, several hundred fruit trees and much else besides. No two units are quite alike. Each reflects the inspiration of the moment and the whim of experimentation.
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Cooking Workshop

Hi, I'm Mujde, the co-founder and the host of Nisanyan Hotel.

I think that the heart of our hotel is the kitchen and our herb garden.
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Ottoman Dining

Müj and our team are excited to recreate and relish the rich flavors and delightful surprises that nourished the Anatolian palate, from our history's street food all the way to its stately dinners. So, join us as we rediscover the meaning of sweet and of savor, of cuisine before the invention of tomatoes, of traditions inherited by countless ethnicities as we delve into the eccentric world of Ottoman cooking.
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Your Hosts

  • Sevan Nişanyan and Müjde Tönbekici were for many years celebrated as the co-authors of the annual Little Hotel Book, the Bible of Turkey’s small and unusual hotels. Sevan is also a linguist, author of three enormous tomes on etymology and Turkish place names, an architect of sorts, and a political troublemaker. Having fallen foul of the current Turkish régime, he now lives in exile.
  • Meanwhile Müjde has moved on to new fame as a cooking guru and social media celebrity.
  • İris Nişanyan Vural, their daughter, now runs the hotel. She studied at the Swiss International School for Tourism and Hospitality. She is married to Kaan and has one young child.
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